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My Story

I was also a captive viewer of the early Whirlybird TV shows that started my fascination (more like an obsession) with helicopters. On a family trip through Pennsylvania, we passed a Bell 47 parked in a field, offering helicopter rides over Gettysburg. I couldn't believe my eyes and couldn't wait to see if it was Chuck or Pete at the stick. Real TV stars! Neither were flying that day but I still got to go on my first helicopter flight and was hooked for life.

I've always been excited about vertical flight and knew there had to be others who were equally enthusiastic so I started the online Helicopter Tour Guide in an effort to promote helicopter tourism across the country.

There are so many fascinating places to explore by helicopter like landing on a glacier/icefield in Juneau Alaska, capturing a waterfall view in Hawaii, seeing the Grand Canyon form a new perspective, buzzing the California Coast line, auto-rotating into Mt. St. Helens (just kidding), or getting up close and personal with the Statue of Liberty in New York.

The Helicopter Tour Guide is an exciting, hot-off-the-press, comprehensive eGuide which specifically promotes helicopter tourism in the U.S. Some of the most awe inspiring scenic helicopter tours in America can now be accessed in one convenient location on the Internet.

I'm excited about all the helicopter tours I've been able to experience and meeting all the great tour operators who make it possible.

Phil Davis / Publisher